Chapstick: A Want or a Need?

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As the cooler weather continues to approach, with it comes beautiful scenery. The leaves begin to turn shades of rich orange before flaking off. However, this weather can also cause bouts of dry skin. This problem can be easily solved with the correct moisture and skincare regimen for your skin type—but are you taking the proper care you need to for your lips?
Your lips are one of the most easily damaged type of skin, which can explain why people carry chapstick all year round—but how good is this for your skin? Dr. Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist, says, “The outer layer of skin is a very thin squamous epithelium overlying mucosal skin so they can become irritated from overwork and abuse. This includes eating, lip-licking and tooth brushing,” These are problems all of us are guilty of, meaning more chapstick applying.
In a recent survey, many participants admitted to feeling the need to apply chapstick an insane amount of times. McGill’s website quotes, “[some people] apply up to 300 times a day, using multiple tubes in a week.” While it should not be an issue to try and keep lips moisturized, especially during a weather change, some may argue that there is a deeper reason behind the feeling like they have to apply.
A social spread rumor began stating that big chapstick brands such as EOS, Carmex, and so many others are adding micro-shards of glass which break the skin, making it dry out– however, there was no credibility to back this up. Websites online usually have a more realistic explanation as to why people feel the need to apply.
Some sources say that this feeling or “need” to apply chapstick often is an addiction that companies know people have, so they can keep selling their products. According to, chapstick is not addictive, but very habit-forming. “Your skin is [already] protected,” says, “the regenerated cellular layer may not be as thick, plus your cells won’t secrete as much natural emollient to protect your lips from drying out.” If worse comes to worst, make a homemade lip scrub with natural ingredients, and apply Vaseline, or natural moisturizers such as coconut oil. Enjoy the last bit of warm weather and remember to stay hydrated!