Where do you rank your favorite Fast-Food Restaurants?


The New Year is here and it’s time to reflect on some of the best fast-food restaurants we’ve all enjoyed the past few years and will further enjoy in 2022. Tiermaker.com is a website used to create tier lists of specific categories and the 4th period Journalism crew has decided to take a spin at making their own tier lists of fast-food restaurants. The rows on the tier lists go from F-S with “S” being the most distinct and “F” being the filth of the selections. If you would like your own fast-food tier list to compare, just go to https://tiermaker.com/create/fast-food-rank-food-only-no-drinks-sweets-542526.

Ricky Le

“I usually eat Vietnamese cuisine at home because my mom loves to cook, but that just makes fast food taste 10 times better when I eat it because it’s so different from what I typically eat. Despite the price, Panera Bread reigns supreme out of all the places on this list because the food isn’t basic and it isn’t killing my cholesterol. McDonald’s is in my F Tier because, despite the nostalgia those chicken nuggets have, it makes my tummy growl, and I’ve found that other locations have better chicken nuggets. Regardless of their placement, I’ll be down to eat at any of these places as long as it satisfied what I’m craving.”

Jeff Vu

“The decisions I made for this tier list come from my heart as I grew up eating fast food all the time. The reason why I chose not to have any restaurants in the “F Tier” is because I don’t really hate any of these restaurants. I just prefer some more than others. I put some of the restaurants lower as the food quality has gone down over the years like KFC and Taco Bell. I like these places but I haven’t been impressed by their food recently.”


Jovany Contreras

“Making the decisions on what tier to place these fast-food places was rather hard. The way to my heart is with food. The reason that I’ve placed some of the fast-food chains in the F tier isn’t so much about the quality of their food as it is that I’ve just had overall bad experiences at these places. For example, when I was a little kid I was eating Burger King and I started to choke on the food; ever since that day, I’ve never really liked their food.”

Aldon Aquarian

“My tier list is a reflection of me. This list represents a fairly accurate demographic of the restaurants I have forfeited my cash to as I have rushed through my life. For example, all of the times I have gotten sick at Mcdonald’s has pushed it straight to F tier, while my love for Cajun Chicken Biscuits has pushed Bojangles to the top. The middle categories represent the restaurants that I favor when I have rare or niche cravings, or decent alternatives to my higher-tier choices when they aren’t available. Despite my rankings, in a pinch, I’ll eat anything!”

Alexis Moser

“Making the decision to put which restaurant where was very difficult. Most of them, like McDonald’s or Taco Bell, I find to be mid-tier. Not the best, but also not the worst. Places like Burger King and Dairy Queen have good memories associated with them, so they were ranked higher up. At the same time, a place like Moes has bad memories, so it was ranked very low. I also just think Arby’s is gross, so it was ranked low as well.”

Dayanara Solorzano

“Making my decisions were complicated because when I think of certain fast food places, I don’t always think of how good the food actually tastes. I always think of the service and whether the price is right. For example, Chick-fil-A is one of my favorite fast food places because the food is always amazing, but sometimes I think about how much I’m going to pay and if I really want to wait in a long line for fries and a sandwich. Another thing I always look for in fast food is how the fries taste & the quality of the food. I personally work at a fast-food restaurant and that has really opened my eyes to how food is made and how unsanitary people can be. I recently stopped eating fast food opting to concentrate on making healthier food choices.”