Senior Spotlight, Meet Fabian Sanchez

Senior Spotlight, Meet Fabian Sanchez

The scene is set in Cartersville, Georgia. It is the type of suburban town that needs no introduction; the title speaks for itself. From railroad tracks to high school football games to dawn, the kind of place where country roads meet urbanization. Nestled behind forestry, a couple minutes’ drive away from fast food chains and “Ma-and-Pop” style restaurants, lies the product of growing up here: the students of Cass High School. It is a world of coming of age, halls reminisced on by seniors struggling diligently through the last weeks, preparing for the world ahead. Even further into their world, tracked down easily with just an ear tuned towards football stadium, flourishes a world of brass, woodwind, and percussion galore. Only a glimpse into this world and you will find Fabian Sanchez laughing amongst friends and making lifelong memories.

One activity Fabian holds close to himself is the band. He has been active in the program playing the trumpet for seven years now and says proudly that it fills him with “life and purpose.” This year, Cass High School is delighted to have received exemplary placements and recognition in a multitude of competitions and performances. Just in the spring semester of 2019 alone, the Colonel band has excelled with outstanding results. In Large Group Performance, the band received “all superior” evaluations. In addition to this, they received an ace from every judge on every piece that they performed. Fabian, upholding the significant role of section leader, has dedicated time, energy, and care to the band and his fellow performers throughout the years; his last year has been no different. On May 3rd, Fabian will be traveling with a group of his peers to Atlanta to perform in the Southern Star Music Festival.

When Cass High’s esteemed band director, Mrs. Pruitt, was asked to talk about Fabian’s part in the program, there was hardly any hesitation before she began speaking. With a smile on her face, she talked about how she has been teaching him since he was in sixth grade. She lingered on his astounding improvements since he began for only a moment: “Now, he is one of the strongest trumpet players in the section.” According to Pruitt, not only does he outshine in terms of music, holding the position of second chair, he also works wonderfully with the students he helps to lead. He is respected by his peers for his patience and ability to be inclusive. “He’s been a great leader for the band because he’s kind and tries his best to pull people together.”

Although senior year can be a tough, stressful time for most teens when asked, Fabian said he would describe his senior year as “fun, funky, and fresh.” This perfectly describes Fabian’s personality, although some may know him as the shy intelligent type, he is much more than that when he opens up. He attracts a circle of friends wherever he goes with his fruitful humor. Even with an active social life, Fabian is still a diligent student in terms of academics. In fact, he just happens to be the type of student to create a chess club for his own entertainment. Finding a sense of passion in the club, he has dedicated much of his time and energy to it. Yet the creation is more than worth it, cultivating friendship in between the logical moves of pawns, knights, and rooks.

Despite juggling this plethora of activities, due dates, and academic work, he maintains a positive attitude and a prominent place in the community he has been raised in. Whether holding a trumpet or a chess piece, Fabian’s efforts are always impressive.

Planning on attending Kennesaw State University in the fall, it is no question that he will miss the rustic, small town of Cartersville, and the band that he has helped to shape. From the cheering in the football stands to the Coca-Cola memorial- and don’t forget the southern home-cooked meals, Fabian will miss this little town as much as its people will miss him. Still, only turn an ear toward the football stadium of the school nestled behind trees, and he can always hear the flourishing sound of the Cass High band play.