The Booth Western Art Museum Displays Cass Students’ Artwork

On March 12, 2020, the Booth Western Art Museum held their opening reception for their annual Middle School and High School Art Exhibition. Many students and teachers alike arrived with smiling faces in celebration of the work representing their school’s art program. Among those were nine students from Cass High School, gifted the opportunity to showcase some of their best work in the exhibition.

Currently, there are three three-dimensional pieces and six two-dimensional pieces on display from March 10, 2020 to April 12, 2020. The students from Cass who each provided an artwork to be displayed in the exhibition include Sheridan Hildreth (12th grade), Ainsley Perry (12th grade), Madison Printup (12th grade), Alice Draper (12th grade), Katie Hernandez (11th grade), Gerson Melindez-Moran (11th grade), Caleb Hatzidakis (11th grade), and Andrea Escalante (10th grade). From exceptional still lifes to remarkable surrealist drawings, each piece is unique and demonstrates part of the students’ spirit at Cass.

Sheridan Hildreth, Ainsley Perry, and Madison Printup each worked individually to create exquisite three-dimensional pieces. Hildreth’s sculpture features a glazed depiction of a sapphire-colored dragon. It’s titled Blue Dragon, a name well suited for the artwork. Perry’s artwork, Heart in My Hand, portrays a hand cradling a multicolored heart. Printup’s Octopus is a vermillion octopus with tentacles writhing in the air.

Alice Draper, Katie Hernandez, Gerson Melindez-Moran, Caleb Hatzidakis, and Andrea Excalante also worked individually to create magnificent two-dimensional pieces. Draper completed two surrealist drawings. The first, titled Chillin’, is an illustration of a man with a fish for a head and woman with a strawberry for a head, relaxing on their couch. The second, titled Creation, is a depiction of a solar system being made. A woman’s hand, sets the sun in place so the world may see. Hernandez’s drawing, titled Dreaming Dog, captures the image of a dog drifting into a peaceful sleep. Melindez-Moran’s What’s Hot, is a still life featuring a variety every day objects such as a phone and a bag of Doritos. Hatzidakis’ drawing, also a still life, is titled Gamer. It captures the image of a controller and headphones. Excalante’s surreal drawing is an illustration of a hand as a fountain. An orange butterfly swoops from the sky to rest by its waters.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of the coronavirus, the Booth Western Art Museum is closed until further notice. However, these artworks can be viewed after the museum is reopened.