Harley Quinn’s New Adventure


As many of us remember, Suicide Squad came out in 2016 with an abundance of mixed reviews, thoughts, and opinions. The movie held so much anticipation and excitement. Unfortunately, some critics and fans alike viewed the movie as a flop with little to no story development. There were even unnecessary characters that appeared to have no purpose in the movie whatsoever. However, there was one thing that everyone agreed on; Harley Quinn was the most chill-inducing and entertaining part of the movie. An outrageous amount of people chose Harley Quinn as their Halloween costumes, and copious quantities of Harley Quinn products were purchased. About three and a half years after the release of Suicide Squad, Warner Brothers brought Margot Robbie back as the pig-tailed, wildcard for another crazy adventure in the Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipaton of one Harley Quin.

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Within the first ten minutes of the movie, Harley gets dumped by her puddin’, the Joker, and it shows her go through the stages of breaking off a serious relationship. However, as Joshua Rivera from Theverge.com states, “Birds of Prey isn’t just about Harley’s breakup with the Joker…” This is a kind of movie that showcases the growth and power of independence. Harley realizes that she will have to start working hard without the Joker’s help or protection. She will have to protect herself from the myriad of enemies she’s made being the Joker’s girlfriend. In addition, Roman Sionis, with the help of his bestie, Victor Zsasz, wants to destroy her. Both are extremely disturbed after a very special diamond was stolen from Zsasz by the teenage pickpocket Cassandra. In the end, she swallows the diamond to keep it hidden when she’s taken by the police. Roman Sionis is willing to do anything for this diamond, including cutting it out of Cassandra’s stomach. To beat this dangerously cruel enemy and protect Cassandra, Harley Quin will need help from the characters Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montya, known as ‘the birds of prey.’

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Now, don’t let the title Birds of Prey and the Fantaboulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn fool you. It’s not a birds of prey movie; it’s a Harley Quin movie featuring and introducing the birds of prey. Each of the birds have great scenes in the movie, but they barely have any screen time to the point where it’s kind of annoying. As a result, people wonder if they’ll eventually get more screen time or return at all. We already know that Margot Robbie will return as Harley Quin for the Suicide Squad sequel in 2021, but will the birds get another movie? Youtuber Grace Randolph stated, “I think that they would be much better suited for an HBO max series instead.”  When it came to the topic of Black Canary and Huntress in reviews about birds of prey, most reviewers claimed that they really enjoyed these characters and wished that they more screen time and scenes. In a video review about the movie, YouTube Reviewer Jeremy Jahns stated, “So much so as I loved Huntress in the movie, I felt robbed, I was like I wanted to see her backstory.” Jahns also seemed to feel the same way about Black Canary, which is a statement that many people probably agree with. A streaming series may be a great idea to get these characters more of a story and fandom. This would leave fans more satisfied and happy with the production, making them more excited for another birds of prey movie. So will the birds of prey get another movie? Will they go on to be a streaming service series? There isn’t a set-in-stone plan for these characters; however after getting a taste of them in this movie, it would be an absolute waste to not continue their story lines.