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  • April 24Congratulations to Vy Lam and Alex Pacheco for being Mr. and Ms. Cass High School!
The Student News Site of Cass High School

The Trumpet

The Student News Site of Cass High School

The Trumpet


Are you going trick or treating this year???

  • No! I’m too scared!!!! (67%, 6 Votes)
  • Yes!!! You’re never too old to go trick or treating!!! (22%, 2 Votes)
  • Yes?? What kind of a question is this? (11%, 1 Votes)
  • No??? I’m too old! I’m not a baby!!! (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 9

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Senior Wills: The Last Assignment


As the class of 2024 walks through the hallways for the last couple of days, we will reflect on who we’ve become since the first day. We’ll be reminded of the day we walked down the spiral staircase and frantically searched for our first homeroom of high school. We will remember the classes we found our best friends in, the classes we thought would never end, the homework that made us cry, the teachers that made it worth it, and most of all, our minds that persevered through all the triumphs and frustrations. We will look around and reminisce about the seemingly insignificant moments that made the four-year climb an irreplaceable journey. Though we may have felt like it would never end, the clock ticks faster than ever as each day passes by us in a violent haze of final exams, elementary school walks, and the last of everything we thought would last a lifetime. 


It is important to hold the people who paved the path ahead of us close to our hearts while we lay down another layer of the road. We hope our path can aid in guiding the underclassmen and make the teachers proud of the young adults we are transforming into. As we finish our journey in high school, we reflect on all the moments that shaped us into who we choose to be today. By doing this, we find bits and pieces of our high school careers that we wouldn’t change for the world. We look to share these tidbits of joy with fellow classmates as we hope to make their route even the slightest bit easier than the path we took. We hope to make the twists, turns, plummets, and extreme mountains you must climb in these treacherous yet glorious four years, a smoother route for those climbing behind us. The time spent in this school will not long be forgotten, and we will carry these memories throughout our time on this earth, but more importantly, what we leave behind to the classes to come. Every year we leave behind our most treasured bits and pieces of our time at the school in just a couple of sentences. We take our most important fragments of high school and leave them behind to who we believe will carry on what we chose our legacy to be. Though it feels like we could never summarize the high school experience, we hope our wills will give the underclassmen some guidance. Though they vary in size, every Senior Will has its own beautiful significance to what this school is all about. We hope you enjoy reading them and best of luck in your next step towards greatness. 


As for the class of 2024, we persevered through a rocky start of high school amid a national pandemic but we made it to the end of senior year! With only eight days left, may you finish off your high school career with the best days of it all and remain excited for the years to come.




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