College Advice from Cass High Alumni


If you are heading to college this fall as a freshman, there is no doubt that you have received tons of advice from family, friends, and teachers — but even with all of that advice, college is still very intimidating. According to college articles and websites galore, here is some of the best advice for incoming freshmen:

  • Keep an open mind, and don’t be quick to judge
  • Work hard
  • Don’t party too hard (but still have fun)
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Know GPA is not everything

In case those tidbits weren’t enough, here is some advice from our very own Cass High alumni who went on to become college students:

Morgan Day

“Learn time management. College can go from nothing to three tests, five assignments, and a quiz overnight. Find ways to deal with stress. Take advantage of every moment you have with your parents before you’re away from them. Take advantage of every scholarship and come home often so your parents can feed you a good meal. Don’t forget to have fun at college. Make every moment last, and above all, never forget your roots. Read. Your. Syllabus.”

Kaylie O’Bryant

“Don’t procrastinate anymore, but college isn’t as scary as you may think. Take time for yourself, but please put the work first. That’s the reason you are there! Also, never walk alone on campus. Always have someone else with you!”

Linsey Radford

“I would definitely recommend setting more time aside for studying and homework than you would expect. College is a lot more work than high school, and you definitely have to be more independent. Try to find the right balance between school work, a social life, and getting plenty of sleep. Only sign up for an 8 A.M. if you’re a morning person. Don’t skip class! You’re paying for that. Most of all, make the most of it. College is a giant pool of opportunities, and if you make the most of it, good things will happen.”

Hannah Johnson

“Be open-minded towards literally everything. Have good time management, and enjoy sleeping while you can. It’s completely fine to be undecided for a major. Also, fully embrace the freshman dorm because that is where you find your best friends outside of your classes.”

Macy Wright

“College is definitely more work 24/7. There is always something you could be doing, and you need to learn how to budget your time to get everything done but also have time for breaks so you don’t go crazy.”

Ashlie Swanson

“Find your people! College is so much easier with a good support system, and it is more fun to do things together and have people to share your experiences and struggles with.”