Colonels Clinch Playoff Position

Colonels Clinch Playoff Position

October 15, 2021, was a good night to be a Colonel! Cass’ football team defeated the Hiram Hornets 34 – 24, securing the Colonels’ place in the post-season playoffs– something that has only happened 4 times in the school’s 68-year history and the last time was in 2006.

The game opened with the Hornets taking a 0-10 lead after two unfortunate fumbles by the Colonels. However, the Hornets’ lead did not last long. After great defensive stops and a collective effort on offense, the Colonels scored 3 unanswered touchdowns by Junior Running Back Freddie Gbadie, Sophomore Wide Receiver Sacovie White, and Sophomore Quarterback Devin Henderson to give the Colonels a 21-10 lead. The Hornets rallied taking the lead 21-24. With a minute remaining in the 2nd quarter, Devin Henderson connected to Junior Wide Receiver Jashaun Whatley for a 45-yard pass, and Sacovie White restored the lead for the Colonels with a 35-yard run sending the Colonels into halftime with a 28-24 lead. 

The second half was a defensive battle with both sides going scoreless in the 3rd quarter, but a well-executed offensive drive ending in a 10-yard touchdown run by Devin Henderson put the Colonels in a comfortable 34-24 lead in the 4th quarter. The Hornets were knocking on the gate making great plays, but a crucial interception by Junior Linebacker, Kymoni Pullam broke their momentum and the Colonels were able to keep the Hornets out of the endzone to finish the game. 

The Colonels’ win would not have been possible without a defense who showed up ready to win. Sophomore Linebacker Kevin Henderson led the defense with the most tackles tallying up 11 total tackles and 4 solo tackles.   Junior Linebacker William Buttrum played lights out with the Hornets’ offense, ending the game with 10 total tackles with 6 solo tackles. The secondary played well with Senior Safety Andrew Nguyen controlling the field with 10 total tackles and 4 solo tackles.

The energy in the stands was electrifying as fans did their job motivating and cheering the players on. “The game was super exciting and I loved the intensity of the crowd. It was really relieving to see that we won because that meant we got to go to the playoffs which is cool,” said Junior Caden Goff.

The well-earned win secured the Colonels the 4th seed playoff position and after 15 long-awaited years, they advanced to the playoffs. When asked, how did it felt to make it to the playoffs, Andrew Nguyen said, “I’m happy that we made playoffs, but I don’t think we should settle because with the talent we have, we can upset a lot of teams and have a good playoff run.” 

We asked head coach, Steve Gates, how he felt about making it to the playoffs. He said, “I’m extremely happy with the entire program and school but I think I’m more excited for the community. We have a great following and huge support; it’s nice to finally see the rewards starting to come. We have a good mix of the dedicated senior class and quality classes under them that allows us to play kids in all classes. This year’s senior class has brought in fully and it shows. You must and I say must have a senior class that is brought in to be successful on the field. And we do with this class!” 

While fans were pumped to see the Colonels dominate on the field, they were also anxiously awaiting for the 2021 Homecoming King and Queen to be announced. Seconds after the football players exited the field for halftime, members of the Homecoming court took the field. Our class representatives were: Freshman Darianna Sosa, Markayla Sanford, and Yuridia Villela; Sophomores Carlee Turner, Reese Howard, and Zion Hayes; Juniors Isabella Brown, Ivania Quinonez, and Sophie Williams,  and Senior Ladies Abbey Bunch, Dayanara Solorzano, Eryn Lee, Hannah Komp, Kelly Young, and Yucaren Villela Diaz; Senior Gentlemen Dawson Hedden, Edwin Veliz, Ethan McIntyre, Jackson Hale, Jeff Vu, and Ricky Le.  The ceremony ended with 2020 Homecoming King Jake Wright and 2020 Queen Oshauna Finch passing their crowns to 2021 King Ricky Le and 2021 Queen Hannah Komp. 

“I am extremely blessed and thankful for everyone who supported me. I want to shout out everyone who was on court because these guys all deserve the crown as much as I do” said Ricky Le, after being asked how he felt about being chosen Homecoming King by his peers. 

When asked the same question, Hannah Komp said, “I’m speechless, I want to thank everybody for all the love and support they have given me. If I could give the crown to all the girls on the homecoming court, I definitely would because they all deserve it!”