The Future of Netflix


Ah, Netflix— one of the oldest and most iconic movie and television apps we all know and love is heading for a drastic change, as many believed years ago.

According to, “[in 1998,] Netflix launches its websites with 925 titles available for rent through a traditional pay-per-rental model.” Who knew Netflix was older than most high schoolers? However, since 2012, it seemed like everybody had Netflix or shared an account with someone who had it. It had all the newest shows as well as nostalgic ones, but even back in 2012, the world was not ready for what Netflix has in-store today.
In 2013, Netflix released its first-ever original series, “House of Cards,” and it was revolutionary. As the years passed in the Netflix headquarters, they have been pumping out original series as well as movies one wishing to watch would have to pay for Netflix in order to see them not knowing if they are worth the money or not. Since then, many originals hits have been put out such as Stranger Things, Birdbox, Trinkets, and so many more. This may not have been a problem back when there were still few series and more nostalgic shows, but Netflix has a plan to the supposed “chaos” that many believe it is turning out to be. A Reddit user by the name of Cybershocker445 on r/Netflix points out, “I think their strategy now is to create niche shows for a very specific demographic. Netflix looks increasingly to be the home of animated series, genre shows, and realistic shows for specific people….”
Netflix is becoming its own thing, and it may not be what some people wanted, but many love the new originals, as they are relatable and entertaining as well as unlimited.’s article, “Best Streaming Services of 2019,” they point out, “No other service has yet given Netflix an honest-to-goodness run for its money in terms of selection, quality and performance consistency.” Netflix will continue to grow into its own thing, and nothing will take it down for a while.