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Are you going trick or treating this year???

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  • Yes!!! You’re never too old to go trick or treating!!! (22%, 2 Votes)
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Thanksgiving Traditions: A Time for Family, Food, and Gratitude

Thanksgiving Traditions: A Time for Family, Food, and Gratitude

Imagine what it would be like if there was a year without Thanksgiving; would people miss it, or is it too overshadowed by the surrounding holidays? Typically overlooked Thanksgiving gets put on the back burner to make way for Halloween and Christmas, leaving the question of whether its absence would be noticed. According to Kayla Jackson, the Cass High librarian, she would hate to lose Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving serves as her Christmas kickoff; without it, she would miss the spirit the holiday brings and would feel a missing piece of her fall spirit.  Additionally, Ansley Call, said, ” If Thanksgiving didn’t happen, I would miss seeing my cousins because I don’t get to see them that often because they live far away, but I would miss getting to see my family.” Therefore, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is cherished by many people, even if you can’t always see it. 


Thanksgiving is celebrated all across America, uniting families and friends in the spirit of gratitude and abundance. As the years have passed, Thanksgiving traditions have transformed, creating new norms that differ from household to household.

The holiday has come a long way since the first Thanksgiving over 300 years ago. Since the beginning, Thanksgiving has evolved into a national holiday that brings people together from all walks of life. Today, it is not only about giving thanks for the harvest, but people also express gratitude for the blessings in their lives. It’s a time to connect with loved ones, indulge in delicious food, and create lasting memories. According to Mrs. Jackson, her favorite tradition her family celebrates is getting together and coloring while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. While coloring may not be the conventional Thanksgiving tradition, such as playing touch football or whatnot, it’s an enjoyable way Mrs. Jackson’s family has used it to create memories and strengthen their bonds. Another way family and friends get together on this day to build up their relationships is by coming together for a festive holiday meal.

The centerpiece of any Thanksgiving celebration is undoubtedly the feast. This tradition dates back to when the Pilgrims shared their harvest with the Native Americans. When it comes to the meal, certain dishes are non-negotiable. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pumpkin pie are staples of the holiday. These classic dishes evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort, reminding people of family gatherings from years past. Of course, everyone has their spin on these classics, but the spirit of the Thanksgiving meal remains the same. According to Elaina Heinzer, she’s on a journey to discover the ingredients in her Nana’s pumpkin muffins that are kept secret from the family. Her excitement brings joy and love for the holiday, as she hopes this year will be the year. This example shows how the Thanksgiving feast connects people and brings joy. Overall, people love food and show love by giving others food.

Reuniting with loved ones

Thanksgiving is when families come together from near and far to celebrate and reconnect. Being surrounded by loved ones is what makes Thanksgiving truly special. It’s a time to catch up, reminisce, and strengthen the bonds that hold families together. 

Beyond the meal, the holiday is about creating memories that will last a lifetime. According to Audrey Rozell, “My favorite Thanksgiving memory was from when I was young me and my cousins gathered around the living room and put on a concert for my family, singing Christmas songs and dancing.” Moments like these become cherished stories that get passed down through generations. Showing the holiday provides opportunities to create lasting memories that will linger for years to come.


However, Thanksgiving is not just about the food and the company; it is also a time to reflect on blessings and express gratitude. On Thanksgiving Day, there are countless ways to express gratitude, such as going around the table and sharing what you’re grateful for, helping others, or simply taking a moment of quiet reflection. Whether it’s Family, Friends, mentors, or opportunities, everyone has something to be grateful for. 

All in all, Thanksgiving encapsulates gratitude, togetherness, and the joy of creating lasting memories. This cherished holiday unites families and friends from all backgrounds. From the traditional Thanksgiving feast, rooted in the Pilgrims’ harvest-sharing gesture, to the unconventional yet heartfelt traditions, the holiday continues to evolve while preserving its core values of abundance and community.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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