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The Student News Site of Cass High School

The Trumpet

The Student News Site of Cass High School

The Trumpet


Are you going trick or treating this year???

  • No! I’m too scared!!!! (67%, 6 Votes)
  • Yes!!! You’re never too old to go trick or treating!!! (22%, 2 Votes)
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  • No??? I’m too old! I’m not a baby!!! (0%, 0 Votes)

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Trunk-or-treat: A Spooktacular event you don’t want to miss!

Cass’s Theater Club at Trunk or Treat last year.

Trunk-or-Treat: A Spooktacular event you don’t want to miss!

The fall season is a fun-filled time for some spooks and frights. Luckily, Cass High School’s annual trunk-or-treat is back and better than ever. This event has become a cherished tradition for locals, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for kids of all ages. The trunk-or-treat has numerous activities and attractions for everyone and has become a staple of the Cass High Schools culture. It is undoubtedly an enjoyable get-together where the whole family is welcome to get their Halloween on and dive into the joys of fall.

The History of Trunk-or-treat 

Trunk-or-Treat is not a new concept and has become increasingly popular throughout many years. It originated with mostly church groups and has expanded to a vast majority of people, including Cass High School. Cass has been participating in this festivity for years and will most likely for years to come. According to Christopher Page, “It is a very community-centered event, and of course, it is enjoyed by our high school students as well. It is for elementary school kids and middle school kids. It’s something that we can bring the community here on campus and provide something for them.” Cass High’s ultimate goal is to have an event to dedicate to our community and give back to them. Here, Cass gets to host and establish something people will look back on and remember in the upcoming years. 

What to expect this year 

Mark your calendars! This year, Trunk-or-Treat is going to be on October 30th. Expect to see the fan favorites, including face paint and the haunted trail. Many clubs throughout the school will have activities and candy they give out to people that attend Trunk-or-Treat. Trunks to look out for include art club, thespian club, French club, and many more. Cass High School student, Bri Coleman, says that she’s looking forward to the art club’s trunk because they always have something good in store.

Many people are excited for the events taking place during Trunk-or-Treat. Kids, adults, and even students of Cass High School have oodles of excitement built up for Trunk-or-Treat. Additionally, Mrs. Shofner’s third period class showed great enthusiasm when talking about the theme of their trunk. The French club has had exceptionally innovative designs in the past, leaving the French students more than excited for this year’s final product.

House of Memories 

As previously stated, this is a very memorable event. Page mentioned his favorite memory had to do with the haunted trail. He voiced, “My wife came last year and doesn’t like scary things and I said, ‘Hey, my students, we’re putting this on. We got to go through it. We have to give it a try.’ And we went through it, and it was really was a lot of fun going through it with her and that students do a great job putting on a fun Halloween event.” Here at the trunk-or-treat, clubs make sure to have something for everyone. The younger kids go to each car to get treats and play games; the older kids have the maze and decorate the trunks. Mrs. Shofner noted that she enjoys meeting her student’s little siblings and her potential future students. Senior, Cloud Demers mentioned she has enjoyed volunteering and interacting with the community’s youth and bringing them joy. 

Trunk-or-treat is primarily for elementary kids but is also a fun experience for teens. Cass students get to help these little kids have fun and get them enthusiastic about their future. They can meet the teachers, see the clubs, and explore what interests them. Here, Students get to help make an impact on the future. Kids start making small decisions in their elementary and middle school years that shape their high school, whether it’s acknowledged or not. Since they decided to visit the Trunk-or-Treat, they might realize they love art after seeing the art club’s trunk or love books due to the book club. Though it’s small, the Trunk-or-Treat has the potential to be impactful. On the other hand, teens can discover new clubs and meet people they wouldn’t typically meet in an average school day. Trunk-or-Treat sparks fond memories to cherish and leaves a mark that lasts even after graduation

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