World Wide Exposition, A Worldly Experience

Friday, April 16th, Cass High school hosted its first annual World Wide Exposition Fair. Throughout the downstairs halls of Cass High school, groups of students, freshman and seniors alike, worked together to illustrate the intricate landscapes and cultures of countries around the world. Leading the charge on this event was Magnet coordinator Mrs. Emily Thompson. She, alongside her Magnet students, members of the Diversity Club, Spanish Honor’s Society, and other volunteers organized, planned, and set into motion a journey around the world. 

Thompson’s vision for the exposition was to educate our students about the different cultures of the world by presenting information through bright colors, games, dances, and not-so-private tours. She split the group of Magnet students and volunteer students into six groups that covered the following: South American, Slavic European, European, North American, Asian, and African cultures. When asked about how she felt about the final result of the exposition, Mrs. Thompson said, “I have to say, this whole thing doesn’t have much to do with me and everything to do with these students’ drive and vision to get this off the ground. They brainstormed and in the end, their creativity and love for culture materialized into this beautiful event. Some students were here until 9:30 at night working and decorating, some bought supplies with their own money, and some have been planning their section of the exposition since August! I couldn’t be more proud of them!” 

Several students were very passionate about the meaning of holding a World Wide Expedition. Alex Pacheco, a freshman member of the Magnet Program and leader of the Latin America portion of the expedition stated, “I feel like it [the expedition] gives a lot of students, on their very own campus, representation and allows for them to see their culture represented. It also allows for others to see their day to day life and that is especially important for the students who’ve never experienced something like this. They get to learn about cultures and languages and so many other things. I think this was a really good thing for Cass High!”  

The fair offered many attractions: from posters and infographics to more interactive exhibits, there was something for everyone to enjoy! The first floor of Cass High School was transformed by large expeditions, with each hallway representing another region of the world. Outside in the courtyard, games such as soccer, table tennis, cornhole were played alongside the interactive exhibits of fresco paintings, Japanese fan making, and friendship bracelet making. In the center of the courtyard, many students danced to music together.

Arguably, a fan favorite attraction was a German game by the name of “ Hit the pot”. The objective of the game was to find and hit an upturned pot with a wooden spoon while blindfolded, many students and teachers alike competed in this event. Selma Sanchez, a curator at the game, was recorded saying, “Teachers, Rawlins and Iddings, played against each other in an entertaining game of hit the pot…it was hilarious and exciting.”

Overall, the reception of the first annual Cass High School Worldwide Exposition was overwhelmingly positive. Students, both those who worked on the event and those who had the opportunity to visit are very excited about the future of the Worldwide Exposition. It was a day that will remain in the memories and hearts of the students of Cass High for a long time to come!