The Cliffside Rendezvous Part 2

The Cliffside Rendezvous Part 2

Emma Buffington, Staff Writer

Lyle nearly thought he’d crushed the poor creature resting on the edge of the cliff when he’d used his pinky finger to try and feel for a breath. Thankfully, he thought, he hadn’t. Instead, he measured the shallow breathing of the small, unconscious being in front of him.

To be honest, Lyle himself wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation. His eyes- which seemed to him to be the size of the sleeping raccoon’s body- scanned over the small animal. In a huff of breath, he decided that, from everything he’d seen, most creatures needed water- all the good ones at least. He began on his journey to water, stopping himself before he left to use his thumb and index finger to bend the branches of a nearby tree so that the raccoon in front of him wouldn’t get too hot.

“Water, water,” He hummed to himself- he hummed to himself a lot, as it was the only way to pass the time allowed to a lonely life- “Water for the small one.”

It wasn’t a long trek to get water, seeing as one pace for Lyle seemed to cover an obscene amount of land. His trough, as he’d called it, wasn’t big either- and he knew exactly where the water was. Mountains surrounded him on all sides, but he didn’t mind too much- he had everything he needed.

Well, almost.

Lyle was the biggest creature he’d ever known- though he couldn’t speak for everyone else- and though all he wanted was a companion, it wasn’t something the universe dared to give him.

The Storm, which was usually only grand in length and not width- had seemed to spread wider than normal. Lyle didn’t think much of it- rain seemed but mist on his skin- but soon realized that for others, it could seem a tidal wave.

Quickly, he ran back to his new ward- and the sound of his footfall drowned out the thunder.

When he arrived- everything was just as he left it. The trembling animal was still fast asleep, and there was no blood to be seen.

As softly as he could, the giant dipped his pinkie in the water, dripping it on the raccoon beneath him- covering his whole face in it.

Rudie’s eyes fluttered open, only to be faced with the eye of a giant. Of course, his body startled, and his head began to throb.

“Sorry, sorry,” The giant muttered, jumping back with such great force that a new pond was made after the next rain for all of this year’s ducklings, “I forget the small one’s perspective.”

Rudie rubbed at his ears as he listened to the giant, his ears sore from how loud the voice speaking to him was.

“It’s alright,” The nervous tone of Rudie replied, remembering what his mom taught him about manners, “Did you save me from that awful storm?”

“I did, I did,” Lyle assured, using an ever so soft voice, “You aren’t scared?”

“No,” Rudie shrugged, looking around for his sack- it had all of his food, you see- and then turning back to the giant, “Should I be?”

“No,” Lyle assured as quickly as he could, worried that he’d just ruined his chances at having a friend, “It’s just that I’m too big, and small one’s usually get scared.”

“That’s no reason to be afraid of someone,” Rudie scoffed, running up to Lyle and placing his paws on the tip of his pinkie, “There is no ‘too big’. Just big. I’m not ‘too small’. Just small. Every person I’ve met thought I was too small, so no one notices me. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be noticed. And that doesn’t mean you’re something to be afraid of. I’d say you’re nothing but nice.”

The giant, who- admittedly- wasn’t the best with words, was taken aback by the small creature looking at him. He’d been on the earth for many of man’s lifetimes, while this raccoon had barely even seen outside of his nest- yet he’d been taught something.

“You haven’t seen my bag, have you?” Rudie asked, grabbing Lyle’s attention.

“It was just you I found in the storm.”

The look on Rudie’s face must’ve said it all.

“It’s getting light out,” Lyle pointed out, “Stay with me for the day, and we’ll find it tonight.”

Rudie ran in a circle as he thought, while Lyle watched with caring interest.


The giant lied his finger as flat as possible, watching with pure adoration as the small being ran up his arm without hesitance. And with that, they were on their way to the home of the giant.