5 Secret Meanings in Wandavision Episode 5

  1. Wanda’s codename

At the beginning of Episode 5, Director Haywood asked FBI agent, Jimmy Woo if Wanda has a callsign or a codename and Jimmy’s answer was no. As many people know, Wanda’s code name is the Scarlet Witch, but she’s never been called that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) which hints that Wanda will gain that code name in the series.

  1. Wanda confronting Director Haywood

After Director Haywood sent a drone into Wanda’s reality and tries to shot her, Wanda gets angry and exits her dream world to confront the director and the other SWORD agents. While talking to Haywood, Wanda refers to him as director, but this is the first time that they have ever interacted as far as we know, but how did Wanda know that he was the director of SWORD? This isn’t the only suspicious scene between the two characters, later in Wanda’s confrontation, Monica asks Wanda what she wants, to this Wanda claims “I have what I want…” Wanda pauses and looks directly at Haywood and continues with, “… and no one will ever take it away from me again!” this implies that Haywood may have tried to keep vision’s body from Wanda or even antagonized Wanda.

  1. Director Haywood trying to make Wanda look like a villain

During the mission debriefing at the beginning of the episode, constantly tries to make Wanda out to be the villain, this makes Haywood look suspicious because it hints that he did something illegal that’s connected to Wanda. It’s almost like a reference to the Salem Witch Trials, in which someone wants something but someone else is in the way so they accused said person of being a witch so that others would be afraid and attacked the accused person.


  1. No context behind the security video of Wanda stealing Vision’s body

Director Haywood showed the rest of the SWORD agents video footage of Wanda stealing Vision’s body from a sword facility to try to make her sound like a threat, but there are a few things missing from the context of the tape, for starters Haywood claims that this video was taken 9 days ago but it just no bringing it up, Vision’s body was dissected and the people inspecting the avenger’s corpse was wearing face masks and hazmat suits, this implies that SWORD was dong experiments on Vision’s body. the video ends before Wanda even touches the body, she approaches it, but the video never shows her leave with the body. And finally, think about it from Wanda’s point of view, she finds out that her boyfriend has been dead for years and hasn’t been buried and his dead body is being experimented on by a government agency, for unknown reasons.

  1. Wanda saying “Why won’t you do what I want?” to the twins

When Wanda and Vision are struggling to get their twin babies to fall asleep, Wanda asks Vision to grab their pacifiers and when Vision goes into the next room to find the pacifiers, Wanda tries to use her magic to make the twins go to sleep. However, this doesn’t work and the twins sound like they’re laughing at Wanda when the spell fails to make them go to sleep, Wanda then exclaims “Well I don’t find it very funny, why won’t you do what I want?” This is important cause Wanda can control almost everything inside of her altered reality but for some reason, she can’t control her twins, Why can’t she?

  1. Sparky being a cameo from a vision comic

The pet dog Sparky is a reference to Vision’s family pet dog, Sparky from Tom King’s vision run, which has inspired some of the themes for Wandavision.

  1. All the animals in episodes (the bunny, stork, and Sparky)

While this isn’t specific to episode 5, it’s hard to ignore the multiple animals that were somewhat important in one episode. In episode two Agnes lets Wanda borrow her pet bunny to use in a magic show. However, this bunny hardly shows up in episode, in episode three, a painting of a stork is in Wanda’s babies’ bedrooms. Later, in the episode, a stork starts walking around the house