Colonels Go Crazy!


This year has been nothing short of the word crazy. Ms. Nally at Cass High school recognized this and decided to create a club to bring students together, naming it the Colonel Crazies. In just 2 short months, this club has become the embodiment of school spirit for the Cass High Colonels.

Ms. Nally stated that her “goal is to build and change our social culture.” Amidst a pandemic and the looming question of how long school will actually stay open, Ms. Nally understood the stress and worry the students were under. Nonetheless, she also knows how strong Colonel Pride is, and is determined to turn an uneasy school year into something much better: a new year blossoming with pride and unity amongst peers despite all the obvious challenges.

Word of the club spread slowly at first, just to the students who had her class. But through word of mouth and social media, the interest in the Colonel Crazies grew. The club now consists of at least 100 students who are eager to promote Cass High love and spirit, and it is still growing. The members attend games for all the sports and service activities for the school. The student sections are constantly dominated by those eager to show off their Colonel Pride, and there is never a shortage of those willing to help at school events.

Hannah Carr, one of the student leaders working with Ms. Nally to organize the club, stated, “One thing I love about the club is it just makes people feel more involved, and it really gets you out there! We want to support everyone, not just the football team.”


The Colonel Crazies plan to work with other clubs to become more involved. Since it just started, the club and its members are still learning the ropes, but they are trying their hardest and making big steps towards a major impact on the atmosphere of the 2020-2021 school year and many others to come. So far, the club has organized appearances at games and created the official student section where the group sits together (socially distanced of course) and cheer on the athletes that represent our school. The student section has begun to receive compliments upon compliments on their organization and their ability to represent Colonel Pride. Some say that it is the best it has been in years. Win or lose, they are in this together. The pride that Cass has for its follow Colonels is unwavering no matter what.


The Colonel Crazies also have big plans for the future are they work with the student leadership and other clubs. The 2020-2021 school year maybe a year like no other when Colonels go crazy.