DIY Scrunchies in Five Tubular Steps!

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DIY Scrunchies in Five Tubular Steps!

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These DIY scrunchies are easy and fast to make and are the perfect gift for any 80’s loving friend or family member. In just 5 steps, I’ll teach you to make your very own scrunchies in less than 10 minutes!




What you’ll need: fabric, ruler, scissors, hair elastic, hot glue gun, sewing materials (sewing machine or hand sewing materials).









Step 1: Cut out a rectangle of fabric. I used 6 inches by 16 inches, for a bigger more gathered scrunchie. However, if you prefer smaller scrunchies you can play around with the dimensions until you find something that fits your preference.






Step 2: Now that you have your fabric, put it inside the hair elastic half-way and put the ends together. Make sure you are folding the hair elastic inside the fabric and that the showing sides are the sides you want inside the scrunchie. In other words, the fabric is inside out.





Step 3: Sew the “wrong” sides of the fabric together around the hair elastic. If you don’t know how to sew, you can also do this step by hot gluing the fabric together.











Step 4: Now fold the scrunchie right side out by pushing the fabric into itself and out the other side.








Step 5: To close the scrunchie, hot glue the ends together.








And you’re done! This is the finished product.