Opening Number

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On Saturday, September 8, 2018, Christian Humphreys made history by being the first Cass High student to be chosen for Opening Number at Georgia Thescon in 2019.

Humphreys journeyed all the way to Baldwin High School in Milledgeville, Georgia for the chance to participate in one of the most highly sought out events for any Georgia thespian.

You may be asking yourself, “What the heck is a thespian?” Or perhaps you’re giggling because it sounds like a word, in which, you are much more familiar. A thespian is an actor. The word, thespian, is derived from the name, Thespis. Thespis was a Greek man who wrote his name in the book of history by becoming the first actor to play a character in a play. Thespis is now acting in the big theatre in the sky (or maybe not), but he is relevant today because of the Thespian Societies (or clubs) around America.

Thescon is a convention for Thespians to gather and geek out and learn more about the theatrical arts. Each state has its own Thescon (Thespian Conference) and there is also an international conference that is held in Nebraska. At the beginning and end of these conferences are grand, theatrical performances that most, if not all the conference attendees have the pleasure of witnessing. These performances are called Opening Number and Closing Number respectively. It is an honor to be able to perform in one or both events.

Humphreys worked his way into performing in Closing Number for 2018’s Georgia Thespian Conference. Additionally, he did so well that he was invited to perform at the International Conference in Nebraska.

Well, now he will be performing in Opening Number at the 2019 Georgia Thespian Conference!

Christian survived a rigorous audition process at Baldwin High School where he sang and danced his way to earning a spot amongst some of the most talented performers in Georgia high schools. When asked about his first rehearsal, he said: “It was very intense.” Christian described an atmosphere of “more than eighty people,” in which he was met with friendly fellow performers, and hostile adversaries. The rehearsal was fast-paced and consisted of tap dancing, an art form that Humphreys is just beginning to dive into.

Christian wasn’t always the star that he is known as today. In fact, he at one point looked up to one of his influences, Brody Grant, with envy as he watched him perform onstage. Christian recalls thinking, “whoa, I want to be him,” as he watched Grant perform as the lead in the Georgia All-State Show that occurs every five years. However, after developing his skills as an actor, singer, and now as a dancer, Humphreys now feels that he is “getting to his level.”

Christian is a great example of how one can obtain what they desire, so long as they work for it. Success is not easily earned, but it is easily envied. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to be a jealous bystander, or work until you are the one in the spotlight.