Jake Paul Survives Deadly Strikes to Defeat Tyron Woodley


Sunday, August 29th, YouTuber Jake Paul remained unbeaten as a boxer—improving to a 4-0 record after winning by a split decision against Tyron Woodley, former UFC welterweight champion, at Cleveland’s Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

Paul, 24, had a 5-inch height and size advantage against Woodley, but the two had a great fight with Paul outscoring Woodley in 8 rounds. Three judges scored the fight with two of them giving Paul the advantage 77-75 and 78-74, while one judged Woodley winning 77-75. Overall, what gave Paul the victory was his 72 landed punches compared to Woodley’s 52, but many disagree with the result as Woodley landed several strong shots to Paul.

Woodley, 39, said, “I thought I won, to be honest. I was surprised it was a split decision. I thought it was close. I had a couple of big shots I landed, a couple of opportunities, and I think I had him hurt and I had him tired a couple of times and I didn’t press him. I should have pressed him a little more.”

What highlighted the match was Woodley landing a big punch to Paul’s face in the 4th round, knocking Paul into the ropes. Unfortunately for Woodley, referee George Nichols did not rule it a knockdown, which upset many because it would’ve been a major factor in deciding the match.

“That was the first time I took a real shot with 10-ounce gloves in four fights,” Paul said. “I ate it; it was a good shot. This is boxing. If you’re a mechanic, you’re gonna get dirty. But I proved I have a chin.”

Despite taking a huge shot, Paul was able to persist through the last 4 rounds, which impressed many.

“It may not have been pretty, but it was a work of heart from Jake Paul.” Showtime’s Mauro Ranallo said.

His older brother Logan Paul has been very supportive of his brother with his boxing career and was thoroughly impressed with his performance.

“In my opinion, we got the Jake Paul people didn’t know existed,” Logan Paul said. “We saw him face adversity for the first time in his career. Tyron Woodley is an animal and the fact that my brother could secure a victory after taking a big shot, it’s huge. I have so much love for this kid.”

The two boxers showed massive respect for each other, despite all the insults and trash-talking between them. Woodley was quick to call for a rematch, but Paul only agreed to do a rematch if Woodley got a tattoo saying, “I love Jake Paul.”

Paul claimed that Woodley wanted a rematch because of the money, but Woodley replied with “I don’t want the payday. I want the fight.”

Whether there is a rematch or not, this is not the end of the road for Paul and Woodley’s boxing careers.