Logan Nelson Hits a Home Run with Truett McConnel University


On February 10th, 2020, Logan Nelson a Cass High football and baseball player made his decision to sign to play baseball at  Truett McConnel University located in Cleveland, Georgia. While there were opportunities for Logn to play at other universities, Nelson chose Truett McConnel because he feels that it is “the best fit [for him] academically and athletically.” He especially “likes how the school is smaller and how you know the majority of students and how the majority of students are athletes.”

He plans to take the next step in his education majoring in sports management. Logan is sad about leaving his current teammates but he’s also looking forward to “meeting new people and meeting new teammates [he’ll] be playing with for the next 4 years.” Logan is ready for a fun and challenging new baseball experience. Logan knows the challenges of going from playing high school athletics to participating in a colligate athletic program, but he’s ready to put in the hard work. Logan believes that his “good work ethic and love for the game” will help him be successful, and he is thankful to his “parents and coaches [who] helped [him] to achieve [his] dream.” Cass High wishes Logan Nelson the best of luck as he continues his adventure at Truett McConnel College.