Is Competition Cheerleading a Sport?


The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Most people around the world are still wondering the same question is competition cheer a sport? Many people have different opinions and arguments over this question. There are two different types of competition cheerleading: Allstar and School. In Allstar cheerleading, they have many different levels for each skill set going all the way up to world-famous teams. Cheerleading has many different elements that require physical exertion. In a competition cheerleading routine, there is stunting, tumbling, jumping and dancing. The routines are about 2 minutes and 30 seconds with intense skills with everyone constantly doing skills or motions to make the routine flow. One of the most challenging aspects of the routine is stunting which is throwing girls in the air to create a perfect stunt and making sure you stay up and hit everything perfectly and precisely.

Competition cheerleading routines are filled with skills and tumbling that must be executed to a certain level to get full points. Another way to prove cheerleading is a sport is because it is in the top 5 sports to have the most injuries. Cheerleading requires a very high athletic ability and is extremely competitive. When competing for cheerleading you compete for a panel of judges who score you based on difficulty and execution to provide an overall score. Whichever team has the best overall score is the champion. Cheerleading teams are broken up into age, divisions, and skill levels. Compared to other sports cheerleading takes the same amount of work and skill if not more. You must take a lot of practice and time for competition cheerleading.

Competition cheerleading is one of the hardest team sports because you must rely on everyone to do their job and if one person messes up it causes other things to mess up as well. An article written by Varsity one of the most well-known brands in cheerleading wrote “Cheerleading is more than a sport” because it “meets all of the athletic specifications.” Cheerleaders work year-round with their teams and then most cheerleaders take tumble classes and stunt classes in addition to their team practices. In my opinion, competition cheerleading is a sport and it should have the respect and recognition it deserves.