5 Ways to De-Stress This Christmas Break

Finally, the day we have been waiting for: 12/20/19! Early release days are one of the best feelings in the world; however, some students may be going home on the weekends very stressed from finals. While there are not many things you can do for the pressure of pre-finals but study and work hard, there are ways to de-stress at the end of this semester to come into the new one feeling brand new.
1. Have a spa day (or a spa week)
Self-care is the most import form of care. Give yourself at least one spa day this week. Ladies and gentlemen, take a bubble bath with some Epsom salt and do a face mask. Remember, it’s not against the rules to take care of yourself. In fact, a bath with Epsom salt can help relieve tension from muscles from stress. Healthline wrote an article on Epsom salt. They stated, “Epsom salt is an ingredient used in a soak to treat minor aches and pains. It’s thought to soothe tired muscles and reduce swelling.”

2. Draw, paint, or start a journal
Activities that include using a pencil to write or draw feelings out can be very therapeutic to some people, as well as improving and finding a new hobby. VeryWell Mind even shows how healing it can be to just sit down and do art. “Art, either the process of creating it or viewing others artworks, is used to help people explore their emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.”

3. Don’t do anything
Your mental self deserves a break just as much as your physical self. Chill back and watch some Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, and start a new series, or watch an old one. Even listening to an audiobook can cure boredom (there are several on YouTube). Meditating, along with relaxing and doing nothing, has several health benefits and can help you feel at center with your thoughts, so if you are opened to meditation, give it a try. Healthline says some of the benefits to meditation. “Another study in nearly 1,300 adults demonstrated that meditation may decrease stress. Notably, this effect was strongest in individuals with the highest levels of stress”

4. Spend time with friends and family
Family matters are important and are not always avoidable—if you wish you were doing something else—but it is important to spend time with the people that you are closest with, including your friends. Allow yourself to relax and think positively. Go on a vacation, go ice skating or to the movies. Anything is fun if you have those certain people around you.

5. Make a new recipe
Baking, like all things, is therapeutic and can help de-stress. Baking close to the holidays feels so right. Mix things up and make something you haven’t made in in a long time, or ever. There are millions of recipes on Pinterest that are easy to follow, and they are super delicious! Whether it’s cookies or a full course meal, take some time to have fun and enjoy some time alone, with friends, or family.