The Ghost of the Cass Theater

The Ghost of the Cass Theater

Every theater has a ghost story, right? And Cass High is no exception. Just wait ‘til you hear the legend of the entity that haunts the theater.

At the old Cass High School, there was said to be a ghost that lingered in the theater halls. Mrs. Shepherd, the old drama teacher, named the ghost the first thing that popped into her head: “Jeanine.” Oddly enough, one of the theater students found an obituary to a student named Jeanine who passed away. Upon calling her mother, who was supposedly in the same class as Jeanine, the student learned that the deceased girl had been in a car accident. She was, in fact, a part of the theater program, as well as band and chorus.

Still not convinced yet? We heard from Mr. Chris Agan, the current theater teacher, and he too believes and tells her goodbye everyday. “We leave a ghost light on for her; so in theater, there’s a tradition that you leave the ghost light on, usually a lamp.” The idea of the “ghost light” is if you do not leave a light on for your theater ghost, you will have bad luck or accidents will happen in your performances.

Now to the juicy paranormal evidence; here are a few things Mr. Agan has experienced himself.

1. Hot and cold spots

Mr. Agan does admit to feeling cold spots in his room regardless of whether the air conditioner is on or off. “Weird things happen. For example, we get a lot of cold and hot spots, so if you’re on the stage and the air isn’t on and you suddenly feel cold.”

2. Moving shadows

“We see shadows moving in here a good bit,” says Mr. Agan. While he is a credible source who has been at the high school for years, we decided to ask a student. Junior Isabel Navarro says she believes in the spirit of the theater. “We had a day with really bad juju the other day when the fire alarm went off. [Emma Buffington, a junior] said she saw a white shadow by the fire alarm.”

3. Sinks and toilets run

“Sinks and toilets come on and off, usually when someone is in the other dressing room, and they will hear it through the wall when no one is in there,” Mr. Agan says, as he has had his students come to him and tell him.

4. Heavy wind on a double layered door

“We have two steel roll doors, and if both of those doors are closed, the inside door shouldn’t rattle because there wouldn’t be wind in there,” Agan explains. The wind could not be strong enough to go through two sets of doors… right?

5. Lights turn off

The theater lights will also turn off randomly sometimes. O’shauna Finch, a junior thespian, also believes in the spirit. “As soon as we finished our opening song,” Finch states, “all of our lights cut off as soon as we ended. The fact that I always feel a presence when I’m alone in the theater is kind of scary.” While some may believe it’s faulty wiring, that doesn’t explain the “presence” she and the other students feel. “She is always turning the lights off,” Finch continues. “She’s also always closing doors and just setting all of us off.”

There are spooky things happening in the Cass High theater, but we are here for it. “There’s no ectoplasm or anything… Nobody has died,” Mr. Agan states, reassuring that if there is a spirit in the heart of the Cass High theater, they mean no harm.

Are you convinced?