Diversity Fair 2019


On Wednesday, March 27th, 2019, the National Spanish Honors Society hosted the fourth annual Diversity Fair. Through the efforts of club members and staff, this fair just keeps getting bigger and better every year. The fair consisted of several booths highlighting the cultures of Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

Students set up craft and activity tables, including tangrams, origami, henna, and Chinese marbles. Latin American bracelets, bookmarks, and hacky sacks were sold, and lots of art and many artifacts were displayed throughout the fair. Students also brought in lots of homemade food, and everyone raved about it! Mrs. Guilford and many others said the chimichangas were a hit. Senior and NSHS President, Santiago Alvarez says, “Our annual Diversity Fair is always an event that all students look forward to as we are able to explore and experience culture from around the world. We learn a lot but in a really fun way.”

Through the Diversity Fair, Cass High has become more culturally aware and many students are very appreciative when it comes to sharing their culture with others. Senior, Necole Gonsahn, leader of the African culture exhibit, feels that “The Diversity Fair is a welcoming and enlightening experience. As I reflect on my experience as a participant and volunteer for the Diversity Fair I have learned to embrace and respect cross-cultural variety.”

The education and experience with cultures that the Diversity Fair provides for some students has a great impact on their experience in high school. Stephanie Segura, our Senior Tamale provider, commented on her involvement with the Diversity Fair throughout high school: “Being a part of the Diversity Fair all four years and seeing the growth through the years has been amazing. It’s great to see students and teachers interact and get a taste of the different cultures that are represented through the school.”

We hope the school realizes the impact that the fair has on students and their cultural awareness, and they continue the celebration year after year.