Cass High School’s Construction Field Trip


On Friday, March 1st, Mr. Jerome Black took 140 Cass High students in his construction class on a field trip to see the Batson-Cook Construction Company work for the first time in Cass High School’s history. Batson-Cook is a client-friendly construction foundation in which the employees believe in communication while working together as a team. “This is how we have successfully conducted business for over a century,” according to the team’s LinkedIn.

Students from Cass High School visited Cartersville Medical to see the renovation taking place as they work on the expansion of the hospital. These students got to experience how the foundation works while gaining knowledge of many different things. “We learned different techniques and we got to see behind the scenes of what was going on. Overall it was a good experience,” according to Dominik Cosentino, a student who went on the field trip.

Mr. Black’s goal was to show his students the different paths a career in construction can lead them on. The students also think he did a good job in doing so. According to Jay Jackman, a sophomore in the construction class, “It was very cool. I learned how to build a shed, and they gave us construction gear, hats, and vests. It opened my eyes to the reality of construction.”

Not only did students get to see what the workers do, but they also got to help innovate and build. “The Cass High field trip wasn’t just a boring place we didn’t want to be. We got to do hands-on activities with the workers, which were also really nice,” according to Zayne Danz, a student who went on the field trip.

Overall, the students that went had an amazing time as they got to experience new techniques to help them build, and see what the future holds for them in this path. This is just another stride Cass High School has made to make their students’ school experience one of the best they’ll ever have.