Band Hits a High Note at Bartow County Exhibition


The Cass High Marching Band appeared at the 2018 Bartow County Exhibition on Monday, September 24. It was hosted by Woodland High School and started at 7 pm.  

This year’s exhibition consisted of five high schools and was arranged by the size of each band, with the smallest bands first and largest bands last. The bands and their shows are listed as follows: Mary Poppins Returns by Adairsville High School; From Within by Cartersville High School; The Big, Bluesy, and Bold by Rockmart High School; and From Darkness to Light by Woodland High School.  

Cass’ 2018 show, The Bells of Notre Dame, was the second to last to perform. Their stellar performance blew away the judges and band members from other schools alike. Yet, many of Cass’ students found themselves enthralled by the performance of other schools. Trinity Hatfield, a sophomore and trombone player, says, “I loved hearing all of the trombone solos from the other bands and seeing the uniqueness of each band. Woodland has several interesting things, such as a flute beatboxing feature. I just love seeing bands doing things outside of the box.” 

However, the exhibition isn’t all fun and games. It is taken seriously by the band members, especially considering it helps prepare the band for upcoming competitions. Caleb Doolittle, a junior and trumpet player, as well as vice president and inspirational leader, states, “[Exhibition]gives us a good taste of what competitions are like, and the judges give us a ton of feedback.” Bree Chance, a junior and clarinet player, adds that exhibition “shows freshmen the environment that will be at competitions.” 


Not only does the exhibition give the band a chance to be judged by professionals, but it also allows them to compare themselves to other bands. By using this information, the band can use this to help themselves succeed. Steven Johnson, a senior, a baritone, and one of the low brass section leaders, states, “Watching [the other bands’ shows] is one of the most important things. To look at the strengths of other bands and the weaknesses of other bands, you want to strive towards the other bands’ strengths and then you want to avoid the weaknesses that occur in their show.” 

The band’s next competition is on Saturday, October 13 at Carrollton High School. Their goal is to receive ones (the highest rank that can be achieved) in all categories and rank in the top three.  

The band needs your support, so go out and cheer on your marching colonels!