Starting Entrepreneurship Off Early

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Starting Entrepreneurship Off Early

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Many seniors are just beginning to consider college options or looking into career choices; however, Destiny Wilkey, a senior at Cass High, has already established her plan: starting a t-shirt business. In spite of having her plate full with AP classes, Destiny already has her plate full, but she has chosen to create custom t-shirts in her spare time. 


Her business, Destiny’s Original T-Shirts (or D.O.T.S.), began in late July of 2018 during band camp on Twin Day. After drawing the faces of her friends, Piper Johnson, Candice Simmons, and Maria De Valle Gonzalez on to shirts, she was encouraged to sell her tees. 

One of the main reasons for her business is to help the self-confidence of her customers. “I make unique custom-made t-shirts to remind each and every customer how our differences make us original,” Wilkey states. “My business isn’t just about profit; I genuinely care about how people see themselves when they look in the mirror—inside and out.” 

This is clear to see, as Piper Johnson, a senior and a customer of D.O.T.S., says Wilkey’s intentions are why she loves this business specifically. “I chose to buy Destiny’s tees over big corporations because I’ve always been a sucker for anything personalized and I love that her brand is built upon the foundation of self-love and positivity. The fact that every piece she makes is custom to each consumer is truly a breath of fresh air from the norm,” Johnson says. “I love my purchases, and I highly recommend others check out her designs!” 


Candice Simmons, another senior and customer, also supports Wilkey’s business. Simmons says, “I’m very happy with my purchase. I feel it represents me well, and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to support a local business.” 

Prices of these shirts range from eight to twelve dollars, depending on the style. Some of her designs include the customer’s name in a unique pattern (dubbed ‘You Name It’) and an abstract portrait of the customer (‘Face Portraits’). Yet, the most popular is the ‘D.O.T.S. Logo’ shirt, which features a hand-painted design of a woman’s face with blue eyeshadow and red lips. 




Wilkey currently spends anywhere between three to eight hours a week making these garments but expects to see that time range go up in the near future.  

Her advice for someone who wants to start their own business is to just go for it. “If you have talent and an idea, you should go out there and make it happen. Just because you think you’re too young to start a business or are afraid of how others may perceive your ideas doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, and that goes for any goal you have in life.” 

If you want to buy a t-shirt from Destiny Wilkey, you can contact her via her Instagram @wilkeydestiny; also, be on the lookout for her website, which will be coming soon.